Saturday, January 2, 2010

The List...

So on New Years Eve the 'crew' got together to see the new year in (me, Tim, Kate and Ray). On discussing our last years hopes and dreams and if they had come to pass, we all decided to create 'a list' of 10 things we'd like to achieve in 2010.

Everyone agreed that it would be fun and challenging to see how many things we could all do on our list; who would complete their list first; and how much fun we would all have in sharing our evidence (photos have to be taken of each item achieved - somehow) at the end of the year.

Some harmless fun I thought as I sat thinking of a few things I'd like to do this year, when my creative uncle pipes up "How about we each pick one thing that we'd like all of us to do". So now our list of 10 items has at least 3 items on it that I haven't chosen. Naturally me, being the quiet control freak, I start getting a little flustered, but agree.

Then the next suggestion comes from the ever inspiring Kate, "why don't we flick open this book (called '101 things to do before you die') and whatever you open it up to you HAVE to do. Now might I warn you this book covers everything from swimming with a whale, becoming a human guinea pig, getting arrested to other dodgy ideas.

By now my 'this should be fun' attitude is turning into 'I want to hurt you now' attitude, but again the group agrees.

If things aren't challenging enough the all inspiring one (ahem again Kate) decides that her idea she wants everyone to do is going to involve travelling. So she grabs a map of NZ and begins to write down some locations and whatever we draw out of the hat, we have to somehow go there and send everyone a postcard from that place!

So people it is with bated breath that I reveal the ever challenging list for 2010! Some things I'm looking forward to doing, others.....not so much.....some will be a challenge....some not so much....but it will be entertaining.

Oh and Kate wanted to punish the person who doesn't complete their list, I on the other hand thought it would be better if we give a prize to the person who finishes their list first. How can we be related? The mind boggles.

2010 List:

1 plant a vegie garden

2 have a baby

3 cook a 3-course gourmet meal

4 hold a Zumba class

5 skinny dip at midnight (chosen by the book)

6 do something nice for a complete stranger (everyone)

7 travel to Hastings and send a postcard (everyone has a location)

8 learn to sign language the entire alphabet (everyone)

9 speak for one minute in a new language

10 win a competition (everyone)

You may laugh (or cry with me),you may give me some ideas, but you may not take photos of one certain task!

What's on your list? :)