Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Give it up for June!

Since this month is nearly over, I thought I'd share some of God's goodness that has happened to us.

We have been under some financial pressure for the last 6 months, buying a home at the beginning of the year tends to help in that department. But a lesson for us all to remember is that God blesses obedience, especially in the area of tithing and giving.

So things have been a little tight lately, with our car having a service, and some of those unsuspecting bills coming in the mail. But this month we decided to tithe none-the-less (what a funny word), and give in a couple of different ways.

God has blessed us in a few sneaky God-like ways.

I have been out with a couple of girl friends and both times they have shouted me coffee and yummies!

We got given a forgotten reimbursement check for nearly $80 from the school that Tim works at.

I have been summoned for jury service - and they pay you for each day you attend!

He's also blessed us in other personal ways not regarding money because He can.

So yes, give it up for June! And give it up for Jesus, be obedient to what He asks you to give, and watch and see what He does.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Ode to Kiwifruit

Right now if I was a ferry - this would be me:

There once was a girl named Neen
Who drove out to Poroti
In a packhouse she stayed
Counting kiwifruit all day
I'm surprsied her sanity she did keep
Kiwifruit round, brown and furry
Made Neen's eyes very itchy and blurry
But on Friday at last
The season did pass
And she's back to live life in a hurry
Neen learnt many things on her journey
Like plixes, OB mites and staff fury
But coffees and cake
More cheery things did make
And she's sure to miss her new mates
Goodbye little haywards so fluffy and brown
I will not miss you nor wear a frown
Instead I will sleep
Hopefully counting sheep
And dreaming no more of getting up at the crack of down (dawn)