Tuesday, December 9, 2008

So we meet again....

So what do you say to a man who has just been told he has a cancerous brain tumour?

Not something I was prepared to handle this morning, but when ever is it a good time to handle a diagnosis like this? A frail, elderly man now stood before me. And with all his fears, his thoughts of a tough ride ahead of him, the first thing that came out of his mouth was this:

"Please keep an eye on Jill, she's a bit down today."

Jill is his wife. His main worry was for her and her happiness. What a beautiful heart he has. Here he was, pumped full of heavy medication, unsteady on his feet and probably in a bit of pain, yet his main concern was for his wife and that she was sad today.

My heart aches for this sweet couple who I've come to know and love over these past several months. And for me it's like a visit from the past again. I feel like I'm standing on a dusty road infront of my nemisis Cancer and I've drawn my gun....again.

A familiar song filled my mouth as I vacuumed the floors of their home:


Sorrow came to visit us today
Was the longest day, was the loneliest day
Sorrow came to steal our hope away
Only tears can tell of this holy hour

This mountain's high, too high for us
This mountain's high, too high for us

Sorrow came quicker than a fire
Was the longest day, was the lonliest day
I feel your hand, the warmth, your sweetest smile
But you slipped away through the great divide

This mountain's high, too high for us
This mountain's high, too high for us

Your ways are high, too high for us
Your ways are high, too high for us

~(C)2003 Smith/Curious? Music UK

This song always brings me comfort with the fact that God is sovereign and that His ways are higher than ours, and although we don't always understand why things happen, we know that He is still God and God alone.

Everyone dies. Some die of old age. Some die as a result of an accident. Some die because they have their lives taken from them. Some die because they get sick. I will however continue to pray for this man that God will heal him and save him. Why? Because that is the difference between someone who trusts in God and someone who doesn't.

Whether we feel like it or not.
Whether the cancer is curable or not.
Whether the last prayer I prayed was answered or not.

"...is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not yet seen...."