Saturday, January 24, 2009

Broken wings...

Well after a holiday full of surprises - one being buying and moving into our own home (yay!), my big little sister is lying in bed with two broken wrists.

She said that this year she was going to take hold of every opportunity that came her way. So naturally jumping off a 15 metre high waterfall was one of them, and seeing that all her friends had been jumping gracefully into the water without any hitches, she gave it a try. Unfortunately after free falling for what seemed liked ages, she fell into the water at a wrong angle and broke both her wrists as well as bruised the back of her legs and rear rather badly.

So thank You Jesus that her neck and back are all okay. That she's alive and has a family and loads of friends around her that love her to smithereeeeeeens!

Watching Kate with both wrists in heavy white casts (lovingly scribbled on in multicoloured vivids by two adorable kids - thanks Ella and Jo) unable to do what we do on a daily basis with ease like feed ourselves, take a shower, brush our teeth and go to the loo etc has been hard to watch.

Of course it got me thinking on a more spiritual level (as most of my blogs end up going that way). It made me think about the Body. That is the Body of Christ. What happens when one part of the body doesn't work properly or is injured? The rest of the body suffers to some degree doesn't it?
For an example, two broken wrists results in not being able to do the basic things for yourself very well. So true for the Body of Christ.
Thank goodness that we were never meant to do things independant of God - because we can't. And even though the Body may seem strong at times, we need God then yet even more when we are strong.
In our weakness - He is strong. But when we are strong sometimes we allow pride to guide us - and then we fall.
So this year seems like it's going to be one where we trust.
Trust God in our weakness.
Trust God in our strength.
Trust God to lift us up when we fall.
And as we trust God, we allow Him to mend and heal our brokeness. Just as I watch Kate's broken 'wings' be restored to full strength and mobility, so I will see the hand of God in our relationships, in our teams, in our church, in our lives.
Rise up church with broken wings...