Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Roadtrip Revs

So the 'Canons' hit the road lastnight and headed for Auckland. What unfolded over the next several hours might give you some giggles:

Wife began trip with a very good hair day.

We drank two bottles of V.

We never drink V.

It was on special.

Wife drove most of the way as husband said, "you're the better driver."

Wife liked the comment and said to husband, "you're the better navigator."

It started raining.

We hit our first lot of road works.

We passed our first truck and nearly wet our pants as we couldn't see through the spray from the trucks tyres.

We live to tell the tale.

We hit our next set of road works and were glad that we left early.

It rained harder.

Wife and husband stopped to stretch legs and husband took over the wheel.

Wife sucked back the last of the V.

After half an hour husband (aka "Navigator from Na'am") was back in the passenger seat equipped with map and confidence.

It rained harder.

We hit another set of roadworks.

We went through the tunnel.

We made it to Auckland and took the correct off-ramp.

We missed a turn-off, so Navigator got flustered.

Wife wondered if Navigator meant 'left' when he said 'right.'

We were now headed towards Hamilton.

We found correct way to get back to our route.

Got to the road which was going to save us alot of time only to find it had been closed due to....ROADWORKS!!!

Navigator flustered some more, wife wanted to swear but didn't.

Half an hour later we were at our destination.

Found a Turkish cafe and ordered some food.

Wife went to the loo only to find her good hair day was now resembling something more like a creature from Narnia.

Wife came back into the cafe and scolded husband for not telling her about her hair.

Wife thanked the Lord for hair ties.

to be continued.....

Thursday, September 3, 2009


I love going to different cafes and trying their home-made pies! Last week in Auckland, husband and I decided to spend the morning of the end of the conference having breakfast at Verde - a cottage/garden/gift shop/cafe.

So my pie instict kicked in and I decided I was hungry enough to have one for breakfast. Chicken, bacon and leek it was - and boy - Yumbo!

Being inspired by the savoury delight I tried making my own version with short pastry.

Being smaller than the average 'guy pie', one is not enough! Ideally puff pastry would be better, but it has heaps of butter so I opted for the 'lighter' version. Like my crosses?

What pie fillings do you like?